Technical Team/Minutes/2011-01-18

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  • Bill Schinelle
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart

Next week - move time to 4:00PM Eastern


  • Kate's grammar for the 'tag-value' format / DEB-5
  • Gary's slides for tools to be made available
  • recap / status of inclusion of new license fields
  • Proposal process

Grammar Tag-Value / DEB-5

  • Is there a difference between the grammar embedded and the proposed grammar?
  • Similar. Purpose of Kate's proposal is to resolve ambiguities.
  • Difference in syntax of the grammar
  • DEB-5 compatibility would require a different grammar


  • Concern about forward compatibility - ability of a version X parser to understand version X+N documents
  • There is a goal to be compatible with the DEB-5 which would lead more to the DEB-5 based grammar
  • Need a way to map between the RDF and tag value and between tag value and RDF

Gary's slides for tools to be made available

  • Can the pretty printer output tag-value
  • Concern about not having a formal parser for the tag-value - could lead to bugs if hand-coded emitter for the tag-value
  • Gary agreed to prototype a tag-value emitter
  • Gary will ping Kate for the current Spreadsheet format
  • For contribution/feedback switch from emailing to use bugzilla
  • Mention that in the spec there will be a grammar and an RDF OWL document

recap / status of inclusion of new license fields

  • An asserted license field seems to have achieved consensus
  • Proposal to split the license field into asserted license, "detected" or "seen" license, and a comment field
  • Will continue the proposal process on the spdx-tech mailing list and in bugzilla