Technical Team/Minutes/2011-01-11

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  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart
  • Ann Thornton


  • Infrastructure status
  • Differentiation a judgment from a fact
  • Model for representing a judgment
  • DEP 5

Infrastructure status

  • Git up and running for both SPDX spec and pretty printer
  • Bugzilla up and running

Request to integrate SPDX mailing list with Bugzilla

Some concern about keeping too much of the comments in Bugzilla if replies to email are added to the bugs

will pick discussion after we find out if the David can set this up (Peter already sent in the request)

Should have the default cc on the Bugzilla notifications be the SPDX mailing list

Discussion on posting information to the larger SPDX distribution list

Bill will send meeting announcements to the larger general distribution list

Differentiating judgment from fact

  • discussion (not all details not captured)
  • agree that when something is stated in a file, it is a fact the file contains that statement
  • discussion on whether conclusions from various stated licenses are also facts or judgments
  • different interpretation what the file level license represents - the declared license or the inferred license
  • agree file level would distinguish inferred, and detected license

8 add a reason to the inferred license. Proposal is that this is either an entry from a standardized short set, or else is a free form text field to act as a comment to explain why the inference occured (ie. results of investigations and caveats/justification for inference conclusion).

  • Proposal that the inferred should be a composite license structure. This proposal should be discussed in the next meeting.