Technical Team/Minutes/2010-12-21

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  • Bill Schineller
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Peter Williams
  • Kate Stewart

Review of previous meetings

RDF to Tag notation - Kate to provide a grammer. Will include the zlib example in the tag/value format

Key discussion point is how the implicit section boundaries will impact forward compatibility (issue 589)

Review of issues recorded in the issue tracking

Issue 590 - How individual files are referenced:

  • Discussed use cases for having a unique reference to a file
  • Discussed whether we should have a single URL for a file
  • Areed that in the RDF, there needs to be a single URI (whether created by conventions or auto

generated in rdf/xml)

  • Discussed an approach we feel will have merit where the tag/value format has 2 tags for a file

(package + file) and we have some documented conventions for converting between these 2 tags and the RDF

file URI

  • We can use the example created for the tag notation to solidify the proposal

Discussion on the repository

  • git repositories have been setup - the ontology
  • Master will be the official version of the spec
  • Proposal to have a post-commit rake task create the ontology

Need the appendices added to the git repository

Peter will send out an email on how to pull down the spdx-spec from the git repo

All - review the spdx-spec and document any questions/issues