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Below is a list of events where presentations have been given about SPDX:

  • Open Compliance Summit Asia (Tokyo, Japan; October 24-25): Mark Gisi will present SPDX Data Creation: Compuater Automation vs. Human Expert
  • LinuxCon North America (San Diego, CA; August 28-31): Scott Lamons led a panel with Kate Stewart, Jack Manbeck, Jilayne Lovejoy, and Matt Germonprez, called SPDX Celebrates Its First Birthday: Where have we been and where are we going? Also held face-to-face meetings.
  • Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; April 12-13 2012) Jilayne Lovejoy provided a brief update on SPDX.
  • SPDX Forum (San Jose, CA; April 6 2012): The first (hopefully annual) SPDX Forum aimed to help educate companies about SPDX and discuss challenges to compliance and how SPDX can help.
  • LF Collaboration Summit (San Francisco, CA; April 2-5 2012): Mark Gisi presented: SPDX is the New Black, How Does It Look On You? to the LF Member Counsel Legal Summit and as part of the legal track. Phil Odence led a keynote panel with Steve Cropper, Mark Gisi, Scott Lamons, and Jack Manbeck, called Getting the Kinks Out of the Supply Chain
  • Embedded Linux Conference (Redwood Shores, CA; Feb 15-17 2012): Mark Gisi presented: The Power of SPDX - Sharing Critical Licensing Information within a Linux Device Supply Chain.
  • LinuxTag (Berlin, Germany; May 11-14 2011): Martin Michlmayr talked about SPDX in the cross-distro room.
  • European Legal Network Conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; April 7-8 2011): Esteban Rockett, Karen Copenhaver, and Jilayne Lovejoy gave a panel discussion about SPDX.
  • Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit (San Francisco, CA; April 6-8 2011): SPDX face to face and LF compliance track
  • LinuxConf.au (Brisbane, Australia; Jan 24-29 2011): There is a "Business of Open Source" miniconf where Kate Stewart gave an update on SPDX.
  • European Open Source and Free Software Law Event (EOLE) (Torino, Italy; November 29-30 2010): Alex Orsi from HP talked about open source compliance through the supply chain and he mentioned SPDX.
  • Free Open Source Academia Conference (fOSSa) (November 8-10 2010): Martin Michlmayr gave a talk about aspects of open source licensing, including an overview of SPDX.
  • Open World Forum (September 30 and October 1 2010): Kim Weins talked about SPDX in the governance session at Open World Forum in Paris.
  • LinuxCon (August 10 - 12 2010): Jim Zemlin talked about SPDX in the context of the new Open Compliance Program. Kate Stewart gave a presentation on SPDX. Phil/Kate chaired a BoF.
  • LinuxTag (June 9-12): Martin Michlmayr gave a talk about open source licensing and covered the SPDX effort.
  • TransferSummit (June 24-25 2010): Martin Michlmayr gave a talk about open source licensing and covered the SPDX effort.
  • OSCON (July 19-23 2010): Phil Robb mentioned SPDX as part of his presentation in the "products and services" track. FOSSBazaar and SPDX were also discussed at HP's booth.
  • Debconf10 (Aug 1-7 2010): Daniel German gave a talk on licenses in the Debian distribution and reference SPDX efforts.