Legal Team/Minutes/2014-06-26

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  • Tom Vidal
  • Dennis Clark
  • Paul Madick
  • Mike Dolan
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Mark Gisi


1) dial-in info is going to change as per the next meeting; the invite will be updated as well as the info on the landing wiki page

2) 2.0 update: spec release not until LinuxCon Europe, so going to push new version of License List with new licenses (but not 2.0 items). Update on 2.0 initiatives in any case as follows:

  • license expression syntax - Mark has been working on this and gotten some initial feedback; Tom to still look through spec to flag areas to pay attention to - needs to get a current-ish version of spec; will send to legal team on both counts soon (next week or so)
  • license exception list - Dennis has updated spreadsheet; we've identified list of exceptions for 2.0, then have bunch of exception candidates for future releases; Dennis also added information for defining columns in a README sheet in Google doc; now that we have a bit more time, should we include more exceptions that originally planned? (had decided for first release with new structure to only have existing exceptions)
  • rendering on website - in terms of where exception list is stored and
  • license matching templates - moving along, coordinating with Daniel for markup

3) new version of SPDX License List - going to do a release soon with all the new licenses and then release again with 2.0 of the spec

  • a couple new licenses from requests: - need to decide on short identifiers and whether a template is needed (Dennis to add columns for tracking this info going forward)
  • Caldera License - Caldera - no template/markup needed
  • bzip2 - had lengthy discussion here after determining that the link we had from the request states it's version 1.0.5 but the 1.0.6 (current) download includes a license with the last sentence regarding patents omitted. Decided to add both as two distinct licenses and contact developer as it also appears that prior versions might be different - to get further information about other versions (and hope that such minor changes are not made, or if made, tracked more transparently)
  • still need to resolve similar issues with Ruby License (ran out of time for this, so will summarize via email)
  • also will need another set of eyes to "double check" Jilayne's work since this is a big add (who can do this very detail-oriented work?)