Legal Team/Minutes/2014-02-20

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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis Clark
  • Mary Hardy
  • Zac White


1) Bzip2 license request – accepted; will be added as of next release of license list

2) Collab Summit

Who's going?

  • Dennis & Jilayne will be there; Zac will probably be there; Mary is checking

Items for Collab Summit face-to-face legal meeting:

  1. License expression discussion – we provided a quick update from the initial call discussing this topic, which was run by Mark Gisi and included a sub-group of people who had expressed interest. It was a good discussion and the beginning of a proposal began to take shape. For Collab Summit, we aim to have a more complete straw man to be able to review and discuss during the face-to-face, with the goal of coming to a conclusion/decision at that time as to how to proceed. Consequently, the next release of the license list will wait until that discussion is completed.
  2. Will try to have an hour for legal team stuff (for finishing up Fedora list or template issues or both) but if not enough time, all agreed that the priority is the license expression discussion

3) Fedora list We need to move more quickly on this. not efficient (and stalls other agenda items) if we have to rely on bi-weekly meetings. How can we speed up the process and where are we currently?

  • Prefer to do via email but only getting participation from 2-3 people
  • 20 that have comments on them, but no decision
  • 100 more to review
  • Zac to send email explaining; giving it a deadline by Collab Summit (probably an aggressive schedule, but need to drive forward)
  • Need others to respond to Zac’s email to seed the conversation via email