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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Tom Vidal
  • Zac White
  • Paul Madick
  • Mark Gisi
  • Phil Odence
  • Dennis Clark
  • Kirsten Newcomer


1) Welcome Paul Madick from HP as our new Legal Team co-lead!!

2) License Matching Guidelines - license templates Jilayne has been going through the licenses to determine which ones need markup and which do not. The following licenses need review by the legal team. Please review the matching guidelines before the call: We will need to look at the following licenses (links and brief statement of issue listed below):

  • Adaptive Public License 1.0 - - extra clauses allowed at end? -->
    • seems like Exhibit A is needed, as includes terms to be defined, etc.
    • do we then need to delineate that what would normally be extraneous text is actually needed
    • should we simply not mark up this license and let testing sort it out later (can always add markup later)
  • Creative Commons licenses (all variations) -, also see: should the intro section and last paragraph be marked as “omitable”?
    • end paragraphs would be covered by guideline 12, probably doesn't matter if it's there or not, so comes down to first paragraph
    • first paragraph seems like it could be omitable, as if someone applies license to their own work, that paragraph seems unnecessary and even confusing, since it reference Creative Commons
    • also, the bit about "using Creative Commons Public Licenses" on version 4's should be marked as omitable
  • Clarified Artistic License - - preamble omitable? what about "the End" at end of license? leave in spelling error for "encourage" in first section (I'd say yes)
    • inclination to not have markup for any preamble that is identified as such
    • guideline 12 covers "the end" text - no markup here
    • what about spelling errors in general? might want to include this for markup in case someone corrects it?
    • does our markup for replaceable text allow for something to be replaced only with one word
    • or could we add a guideline to cover misspelled words?
    • going to not worry about this for now; idea of adding a guideline for this can be revisited after actual use of guidelines
  • Educational Community License v1.0 - - bit at top, before (c) notice? also should probably markup (c) notice in this case
    • just markup copyright notice in this case
  • eCos license version 2.0 - - this is really GPLv2 or later, plus an exception...
    • considering that we will be discussing the potential of handling the exceptions differently, it seems like it's not worth worrying about how to sort out the matching issues now, as that may be better to sort out later
  • Entessa Public License v1.0 - - does not need a template b/c it's a "vanity" variation on Apache 1.1, agreed?
    • agreed, okay as is
  • licenses that are not in English… do they need markup? I don’t know… how to deal with in terms of matching guidelines and templates?
    • nothing to do here now, just want to note this. Licenses that are not in English are:
    • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.0
    • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.1
    • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.0
    • CeCILL-B Free Software License Agreement
    • CeCILL-C Free Software License Agreement
    • Deutsche Freie Software Lizenz

Still need to cover:

Call to Action and Items for Feb 6 call:

  • ALL: 2014 projects - review list of projects and priorities for 2014 and email comments - is there anything else we should set as a goal to do in 2014? Timelines? etc.