Legal Team/Minutes/2013-06-06

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  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Tom Vidal
  • Michael Herzog, NexB
  • Jack Manbeck, TI
  • Jason Buttura, Cisco
  • Mike Dolan, LF


1) review changes to License Request page here:

  • page reviewed, a couple minor tweaks suggested and made during call; added link to new license request tracking table

2) review table for tracking new licenses here:

  • reviewed page, made some minor revisions to status definitions, but otherwise good
  • discussed owner of table/list: Jack took the task of getting page up and running, but cannot take on the on-going task up updating, point of contact, etc.
    • to this end Michael volunteered Dennis (not on call) for this task, pending Dennis' acceptance
  • when it comes to Legal Team driven additions/review of licenses from other community lists (e.g. Fedora) - too much work to track every license on this table, so will simply have one line item and links to relevant meeting minutes or documents regarding such

2a) discuss various outstanding licenses on list: new request for Artistic Perl, others that need research, etc.

  1. Artistic Perl - recent request
    1. this license is on the "OSI issues" list; every intent to add it to the SPDX LIcense List, but when research was being done on reconciling the SPDX-LL and the OSI-approved list, it was discovered that the license text on the OSI site (regardless of the clause 8 variation described there) is not exactly the same as on the Perl website.
    2. decided to inform requester of this, and try to ping OSI on this issues specifically again with goal being to add license and resolve issue all at once, instead of making a call separately
  2. other "on hold" licenses that need to move in one direction or another:
    1. Unicode and Zend: need more research (leftovers from FSF List review) --> no volunteers for this task
    2. Unlicense - needs consideration; had some debate via email list before the holidays, but never fully addressed on a call
    3. 'old" MIT - never considered (? may have fell through the cracks)

3) update on GPL exception (Tom Vidal) - progress being made, he should have something for review in next couple weeks

4) Fedora list (Paul Madick) - Paul not able to make call today, hoping to start reviewing these soon

Action Items for next call (June 20)

  1. all review Unlicense email dialog (link in table) and "old" MIT request - to review during next call
  2. re: Zend and Unicode: Phil, Michael, Jilayne to review their respective databases and report back at next meeting