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  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Tom Incoriva, Microfocus
  • Mark Gisi, Windriver
  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Peter Williams, OpenLogic
  • Mansour Ghomeshi, Motorola
  • Esteban Rockett, Motorola
  • Michael Herzog, NexB

update on CC-0 Preamble

  • changed "copyrightable material" to "copyrightable work" in second and third paragraphs.

ACTION ITEM: Jilayne to update this on SPDX wiki page with preamble

Review draft License List Match Guidelines (templatizing)

went through guideline document by section; change focus from normalizing on guidelines - to just offering guidelines and let tools makers implement

White Space

  • if one sentence moves to another paragraph, it would be treated the same; does this matter, can we find a use case where this would matter? could treat paragraph break as different than other whitespace breaks
  • seems okay to treat all white space the same; leave as is in guidelines

Capitalization - okay as is

Puncuation - okay as is

Bullets and Numbering

  • as to bullets/numbers, just say ignore these
  • this would require flagging this text within licenses that have references
  • can we ignore the bullet/number/letter, but not "lose" that info (so you still see it later), otherwise it would be unreadable - really internal details for tools anyway
  • can we just start here and see how it goes? Licenses that have internal references are less likely to have changes with numbering anyway
  • start here, and modify later if needed

Varietal Word Spelling

  • decision to re-word description re: British/American spelling to just equivalent spelling since geography is a non-issue
  • are there any words where there may be 3 different spelling? list only has two columns
    • Can't think of any example, but would be same - not
  • what about if a word is misspelled? - slippery slope to try and deal with this; if misspelled consistently in license, then will just match on misspelling;
    • Can watch to see if this comes up/examples

Copyright Symbol

  • okay as is - just say all three options are equivalent

Copyright notice

  • copyright notice line guideline: is the copyright notice at the top of BSD really part of the license?
  • License is something that should be fixed; where does license notice fall in this?
  • Copyright notice applies to file; but license is the actual text, not the notice (which may say you have to reproduce the copyright notice)
  • Should we then strip the copyright notice out altogether in our license list?
  • Copyright notice for license itself is distinct, so keep - but most cases it would not be part of license itself
  • How does this impact our license list - e.g. "GPL or later" where there isn't really an "or later" license, but is really just a notice
  • Then raises question of how to deal with preambles and epilogue?

→ next time pick up here with discussion and may tie into conversation re: headers

ACTION ITEM: update License List Match Guidelines and post on wiki page on (current page posted is outdated)