Legal Team/Minutes/2011-11-16

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  • Esteban Rockett, Motorola
  • Karen Copenhaver, Choate Hall
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Paul Madick, HP
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic

Data license update

Rockett still trying to schedule with Eben re: any concerns about CC-Zero and his opinion on the preamble we have drafted

seeing some disengagement as a result of this issue; probably want to run it by Fedora and some of the Cisco guys who objected before full-sale announcement as well.

Now that the website is back up - are we comfortable we have a back-up?

  • need to know how LF is going to address potential failure and feel comfortable with that plan
  • have redirect, i.e. second backup; relying on this to give documents to client
  • need to have conversation with Mike or Jim from LF; can they give the same support as given to the kernel?Also ask, did they have a mirroring function that will be applicable to SPDX and if not, then do we want to do that?Are we part of mirroring plan?What is timing to trigger? (ideally, don't want down-time to be more than 4 hours); if all sites go down, does this include the mirror as well (mirrors went down as well this time?? how were the mirrors structured before?) need to know this as well.
  • need to get conversation going; if LF has a backup, do we want a backup to the backup?
  • want Jim to be part of call, as well as Mike, they have already heard from Karen, but need to hear from members - e.g. Tom's example/what is based on this site and the reliance on it by members - Karen can help coordinate and workgroup needs to be prepared to present scenario

Communication channel - do we want communications to be separate than server? And if so, what channel?

  • have list in alternate place, so we can access list - copying it off-line would probably be enough for a backup
  • we have an IRC channel on Freenode. not much traffic now. probably pretty robust in terms of reliability, but need to educate people on how to use it
  • do technical or business teams have a recommendation (what are they doing?) Would be good to have a consistent solution across all four mailing groups → discuss in general meeting tomorrow
  • what are our requirements (as legal team)?
    • would prefer wherever communication is held, so that it's seamless and efficient
    • be able to continue to communicate whether or not the server went out or not
    • links still work
    • ability to know which issues are open and pending in Bugzilla important to legal team? may be under-used by legal team, but should continue with that; best place for revision tracking? helpful for things that aren't dealt with right away for logging stuff
  • → legal team will track on whatever the technical team goes with, no additional requirements from us
  • templatizing tool will also need to be available at same rate as licenses and spec, etc.

Action items

  • schedule talk with Jim and Mike re: mirroring/back-up
  • communications rqmts - discuss at General Meeting tomorrow
  • continue using Bugzilla for text documents - people to re-familiarize and/or use more