Legal Team/Minutes/2011-03-02

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  • Esteban Rockett (Motorola)
  • Karen Copenhaver (LF/Choate)
  • Kim Weins (OpenLogic)
  • Jilayne Lovejoy (OpenLogic)
  • Tom Incorvia (Microfocus)
  • Phil Odence (Blackduck)
  • Paul Madick (HP)
  • Kate Stewart (Canonical)
  • Michael Herzog (NexB)
  • Scott Peterson (HP)


At Kate's suggestion, in revised Section 5.3, the following changes were agreed:

  1. change "License Information in File" TAG VALUE from "License Information:" to "LicenseInfoInFile:"; and
  2. normalize "Standard and Non-Standard License Information" across all Section 5.3 fields.

Other minor suggested revisions to the Section 5.3 "field names" were discussed, but then withdrawn.