Legal Team/Minutes/2011-01-12

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  • Esteban Rockett (Motorola)
  • Kate Stewart (Canonical)
  • Kim Weins (OpenLogic)
  • Peter Williams (OpenLogic)
  • Mark Gisi (WindRiver)
  • Paul Madick (HP)
  • Scott Peterson (HP)
  • Jilayne Lovejoy (OpenLogic)
  • Tom Incorvia (Microfocus)
  • Andy Wilson (Intel)
  • Scott Lamons (OpenLogic)
  • Michael Herzog (NexB)
  • Karen Copenhaver (Linux Foundation)


  • A. Review of December Meeting Minutes - Team was asked to review December meeting minutes by 20-Jan-2011; for approval at meeting scheduled for 26-Jan-2011.
  • B. "Create Process/Method to Add Licenses" - Team agreed with moving the process/method to created/add new licenses (to the standard SPDX license list) to the SPDX Business Workstream.
  • C. SPDX Metadata License - Team agreed to pick a default license for the SPDX metadata, such default license to be agreed by this team and Linux Foundation Member counsel. BSD-based/MIT-like was the general consensus. Whether additional proprietary licenses would be allowed was tabled, pending the decision on the default metadata license. Rockett and Karen Copenhaver to lead.
  • D. Required use of Standard License Acronyms - Michael Herzog proposed that this requirement be limited to those publishing SPDX metadata. No objections from the team.
  • E. Issue raised from Tech Workstream on the need for a Legal Policy on "SPDX Not Validating License Recited" - This topic lead into a detailed discussion of "objective" verse "subjective" metadata. A second meeting was scheduled for 14-Jan-2011 to conclude this issue. See minutes from 14-Jan-2011 meeting.