General Meeting/Minutes/2019-06-06

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  • Attendance: 12 (attendance list at bottom)
  • Lead by Paul Madick
  • Minutes of May meeting approved

Tech Team Report - Gary

  • Spec No issues remaining to latest spec, 8 GOSC students approved and working. Looking forward to new tools this summer. Lots of new projects adopting SPDX and Linux kernel clean up of licensing still working (about 2/3 through). Making great progress.
  • Tools

Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul

  • License List
  • GSOC student on last call. Great information. Legal Meeting minutes has the description, take a look if you are interested or would like to provide input.
  • Reworking the license inclusion guidelines and moving into github repository in the documentation folder. Please weigh in if you are interested in more licenses. Still looking for more volunteers to move license submissions into license approvals.
  • A big welcome to new co-lead of legal team Steve Winslow and a big thank you to Karen for her years of stewardship as she steps away from the co-lead position.

Outreach Team Report - Jack Manbeck

  • Not a lot going on now, but working on a survey. Intention is to send the survey to companies to see where they are at in using/implementing SPDX. Maybe include some community in survey, but not sure yet.

General Items

  • Conversation: are we meeting for summer LF event in SD. Not currently, but Kate will look into getting meeting room for ½ day, etc. Jack, Paul, Kate, Steve and others are potentially available to attend at least one day in SD.


  • Alexios Zavras, Intel
  • JC Herz, Ion Channel
  • Dave McLoughlin
  • Paul Madick, Dimension Data
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Winslow, LF
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
  • Alexios Zavras, Intel
  • Philippe Ombrédanne- nexB
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Mike Herzog
  • Mark Atwood