General Meeting/Minutes/2019-05-02

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  • Attendance: 15
  • Lead by Phil Odence
  • Minutes of April meeting approved

Special Presentation - Aaron/Jilayne

  • FINOS Presentation on new handbook:
    • Discussion on including License Exceptions in the handbook
      • Gary to contribute to issue on license exceptions, proposal for how to write the exception YAML so it can be included in tooling for license expressions
  • ( Suggestion to coordinate with
    • Suggestion to reach out to OASDL

Tech Team Report - Gary

  • GSOC all 8 slots granted, projects will be announced on May 6
  • Jack got the PDF generation working for the spec, we will be transitioning to the github based spec process (thanks Jack!)
  • 2.1.1 based on Thomas' Github work and Jack's PDF work will be out for review soon - 2 week review
  • Tool bake-off and SPDX generation comparison proposed for October at European OSS Europe France
    • Anyone interested in participating should contact Gary or Kate

Legal Team Report - Jilayne/Paul

  • License List
    • Callout for help, request for more contributors and participants in the calls
    • Agenda for today
      • Improving the documentation - make it easier to find key information (like inclusion principles), especially for people contributing first time/requesting a new license
      • Discussion scheduled for today’s call regarding the inclusion principles, e.g., OSI approved but if OSI rejects, do we reject?
        • We do reject non-open source licenses today, but do we want to include licenses commonly found in the wild?

Outreach Team Report

  • None


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck/Synopsys
  • Denver Gingerich, SFC
  • Aaron Williamson, FINOS
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Winslow, LF
  • Gary O’Neall, SourceAuditor
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
  • Alexios Zavras, Intel
  • John Horan, next
  • JC Herz, Ion Channel
  • Dave McLoughlin
  • Paul Madick, Dimension Data
  • Philippe Ombrédanne- nexB
  • Mark Atwood, Amazon