General Meeting/Minutes/2018-02-01

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  • Attendance: 13
  • Lead by Phil Odence
  • Minutes of Jan meeting approved

Tech Team Report - Kate

  • Highlights
    • Looking at multiple formats supported
      • Much of January dedicated
      • JSON and YAML
      • Some interest in deprecating
    • Submitted Google SoC project, once again
      • Have usually been accepted in advance
      • Should know by next meeting
      • Can still contribute ideas

Outreach Team Report - Jack

  • Website migration
    • Waiting on date from LF
    • Need a mechanism for pushing some generated pages (licensing/RDF)
  • Today’s meeting will be to lay out a roadmap
  • Linux Leadership Summit
    • Meetings Friday
    • Jilayne sending out notice to try to hustle up participation
    • Anyone who needs an invite can contact Kate
  • FOSSDEM is this weekend
    • Will be streamed from Brussels
    • Legal and Policy track
      • Jilayne speaking

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • Major release of license list recently
  • 3.1 release
    • Aiming to align 3.2 version with 2.2 spec
    • Undergoing technical and legal review
    • Transitioning to taking advantage of GitHub capabilities
      • Technical stuff on track
  • Reviewing some new licenses, need naming conventions


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck/Synpsys
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
  • Mike Dolan, Linux Foundation
  • Steve Winslow, LF
  • Jeff Luszcz, Flexera
  • Jack Manbeck, TI
  • Denisse Weil,
  • Robert Musial, Progressive
  • Gary O’Neall, SourceAuditor
  • Bradlee Edmondson, Harvard
  • Matthew Crawford, ARM
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, ARM
  • Michael Herzog- nexB