General Meeting/Minutes/2014-03-06

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  • Attendance: 10
  • Minutes of Feb meeting approved
  • Lead by Phil Odence

Biz Team Report - Jack (unable to attend, but provided written summary)

  • Agenda is fixed for Linux Collab and posted on the SPDX web site. LF will publish as well.
  • Tech Report Framework is almost complete. Will be ready to go by Collab.
  • We have a new co-chair, Mikael Söderberg from Pelagicore
  • We are looking at documenting an SPDX ecosystem and generating vertical specific whitepapers on using SPDX.

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • Calendar Invite
    • Some issues with old ones; light attendance at last meeting as a consequence
    • Please delete. Everyone on the LT should have a new one from Mike Dolan.
  • Fedora List
    • Still pushing to get through by CollabSummit
    • Goal is to cover as much as possible of the Fedora "good list" on SPDX License List
    • Jilayne doing lots of work herself; appreciating any help.
  • CollabSummit- Focus for legal meeting with be on the expression language.

Tech Team Report - Gary

  • Two main threads of late:
    • Applying real examples to the 2.0 model
    • Working out how to upgrade Tag Value format to handle new model
      • Sorting through three proposals: Extending current approach, JSON, RDF
  • Model
    • There had been two models, one more evolutionary, one more revolutionary
    • Now focused on one based on the more evolutionary approach.
    • Tech team will present model at the next General Meeting, April 3

Cross Functional Issues – Phil

  • OSI Collaboration Update
    • We have had some interaction, but have not yet set up a joint meeting
  • 2.0 Language on
    • No feedback
    • Need to review post CollabSummit
  • License Expression Syntax - MarkG
    • One more meeting planned prior to CollabSummit
    • Aiming for draft and examples for face to face discussion
    • Hoping for closure at CollabSummit


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Scott Sterling, Palamida
  • Pierre Lapointe, nexB
  • Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck
  • Jilanyne Lovejoy, ARM
  • Mike Dolan, Linux Foundation
  • Mark Gisi, Wind River
  • Mary Hardy, Qualcomm
  • Gary O'Neill, Source Auditor
  • Tom Incorvia, MicroFocus