General Meeting/Minutes/2014-01-02

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Because of the timing with respect to holidays, this is a VIRTUAL meeting. That is, Team Leads reported by email. Next meeting will be back to normal.

Biz Team Report - Jack

Looking for new Co-Chair Scott Lamons needs to step down as business team co-lead. He's done a great job and will still be well involved with SPDX, just not in this role. We are currently looking for a new co-chair and an email soliciting such was out on the Business team mailing list. We are looking to receive all requests for co-chair by January 10th and will make the selection by January 17th.

SPDX 2.0 Requirements Overview Kirsten Newcomer volunteered to do a Requirements overview for SPDX 2.0 in collaboration with the Technical team. The idea was to summarize what 2.0 will do at a level higher than the current use cases. A draft was reviewed at our last meeting in December and we hope to finalize it in early January. Once this is done, we will create a brief of 2.0 and a SPDX 2.0 Project Page. Theproject page will list milestones for 2.0, have the brief and include links to all relevant wok.

Technical Report Process and Framework Mark Gisi has been doing a lot of work on the Technical Report Process and Framework. Basically, the objective of the SPDX Tech Report program is to create a repository of articles to capture and share community knowledge about everything and anything SPDX. This knowledge base covers a diverse collection of topics including (but not limited to): technical issues, best practices, relevant legal topics, tool proposals, adoption strategies and analysis, license compliance considerations, position papers and so forth. We are looking to start implementation of this program in early 2014.

Adoption Page An adoption page was created by the Business Team to help track the adoption of SPDX. It looks at adoption within three key areas:

  • SPDX License List
  • Generating or consuming SPDX Documents
  • Using SPDX meta tags in software

You can view or update the page on the wiki here: Roadmap for 2014 The roadmap is being updated for 2014.

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

Not much new to report since December; however, the current work and priorities page has been updated (preliminary) for 2014 -

Of note: Goal of releasing next version of the SPDX License List by end of January including license matching templates/markup. Will also include any new licenses from review of Fedora list up to the point in time (review of Fedora list is an on-going project). Thus, the first meeting (or two) will focus on whatever needs to be done to facilitate release of version 1.20 of the license list.

Mark Gisi will be scheduling a special cross-functional meeting to discuss license expression - more details on that to come. This discussion will also incorporate revisiting the issue of how to best express “or later” or “only” versions of licenses and the (GPL) exceptions.

Tech Team Report - Kate

Team did not meet in December, due to vacation and travel conflicts.

There were some very interesting talks at the Open Compliance Summit on SPDX in December. Samsung presented on how they plan on using SPDX in their infrastructure and contribution plans. Matt Germonprez presented on the plugin work with FOSSology. Most of the attendees there had heard of SPDX and were interested in it. From discussions, reasons why some are not adopting right now is waiting for others to adopt first, better tooling to be available, or 2.0 to be released.

On that note, now that its 2014 - 2.0 is a key focus for the technical team. We've got a preliminary model that we're assessing the use-cases against. We'll be starting off the draft document for 2.0, and 1.2 to 2.0 translation/mappings in the next few months.