General Meeting/Minutes/2013-06-06

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  • Most of the team leads were not able to join, so we curtailed the meeting
  • These 'virtual minutes' compile status reports from each team.

Business Team Report - Jack/Scott

  • The SPDX Survey was closed and the results were compiled. A few of the highlights:
    • Over 100 people responded
    • Punchline was that more than 75% thought it was important/very important to have a standard for exchanging license information.
    • Good representation world wide.
    • Good mix of big and small companies.
    • You can view the results here:
  • The next step with the Survey results is to see what can be actionable and what to do.
  • The University of Omaha Nebraska is working with Yocto and SPDX to integrate their Fossology + SPDX instance into the Yocto build process.
  • Phil Odence and Scott Lamons submitted an article to IFOSSLR on he state of SPDX.

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • 5/23 meeting was a joint call with tech team to discuss specifics and implementation of license matching guidelines
    • we will use regular expression language for mark-up; Daniel German offered to take on mark-up task with guidance on what to mark-up from legal team
    • Legal team to track what licenses have been done and progress, etc.
    • Gary and Daniel to sort out other implementation specifics
  • 6/6 meeting – mostly back to regular programming. Went over the new license tracking page and made updates
    • had request for Artistic Perl license to be added: this is an outstanding OSI issue. Email to OSI was resent to try and get this resolved
    • Need volunteers to do research on a few other specific licenses
    • GPL exceptions research progressing – Tom V. to report on next call

Tech Team Report - Kate

  • Bugzilla now has 1.2 Specification target.
  • Tech group has spent last 2 weeks identifying selected set of bugs from prior input (Collab, bugzilla, etc.) that will be targetted for 1.2
  • UNO making good progress getting command line version of spdx generator available for YOCTO. Request is to get it moved up to public repository now.
  • CFP for LinuxCon is June 17. Gary to discuss with Matt about possible paper collaboration.