General Meeting/Minutes/2013-03-07

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  • Attendance: 12
  • Minutes of Feb 7 meeting approved.
  • Lead by Phil Odence

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • CollabSummit Plan
    • 2 hour Face to Face Tuesday afternoon
    • Focus on matching guidelines (she sent out a set of links to review prior to and will resend)
    • Tech team members encouraged to attend.
  • Two new licenses have been submitted and approved for list

Business Team Report - Jack & Scott

  • Recent focus has been on agenda for the CollabSummit
    • Highlight will be "Bake Off"
      • Open source and commercial tools working together
      • Will compare results on three packages (Time, Busybox and the Kernal)
      • Will have two projectors for comparison
      • All are welcome
  • U Nebraska Tool Development
    • FOSSology-SPDX
    • Consumption tool- Browse, download, comment on SPDX files
    • Comparison tool
  • SourceAuditor and Black Duck have also developed an open source licensed SPDX comparison tool
    • Back end can handle companring more than 2 files, but UI limited to two currently

Tech Team Report -Jack

  • Continueing work on different 2.0 models.
  • Recent discussion on distinguishing file usage (linking, etc)
  • Also, discussion on handling snippet level license (vs.package/file level today)

Cross Functional Issues – Phil

  • Web Site Update - Jack
    • Still working thru conversion
    • There will be a separate site and wiki
    • Martin is working on wiki migration and is making great strides
    • Still looking possible to have converted over by the Collsb Summit


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Gary O'Neill, SourceAuditor
  • Kirsten Newcomer, Black Duck
  • Michael Herzog, nexB
  • Jack Manbeck, TI
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Scott Lamons, HP
  • Martin Michlmayr, HP
  • Pierre Lapoint, nexB
  • Matt Germonprez and Liang, U of Nebraska