General Meeting/Minutes/2012-09-06

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  • Attendance: 13
  • Minutes of August 23 meeting approved.
  • Lead by Phil Odence

Technical Team Report - Jack standing in for Kate

  • Ed Warnicke has introduced an interesting new scheme for "watermarking" files
  • The idea is that a developer combines a small bit of code into their file that preserves license and copyright information through compilation so that information can be extracted from the binary
  • He's currently running experiements to determine what kind of overhead this introduces
  • Could have intersting positive implications for future SPDX versions.

Legal Team Report - Jilayne

  • License list
    • Finished scrubbing through the FSF list and have plan in place for adding deltas to the SPDX list; pending licenses or on a spreadsheet that Jilayne has posted.
    • She's also putting up a mage to mention other groups we are coordinating with.
    • Next discussion with be to try to agree on a high level statement about the scope of the license list; how broad and deep are we trying to go? The legal team will kick off the discussion and may need input from the other teams.

Business Team Report - Jack & Scott

  • Little to update as last week's meeting was cancelled for LinuxCon. In its stead was a face to face with about a dozen people that focused mostly on technical discussion.
  • 1.1 Press Release was issued at LinuxCon and looked great.
  • The panel discussion at LinuxCon was well received by about 25 attendees; kudos to Scott for coordinating a very interesting session.
  • Ibrahim from Linux Foundation is devoting significant time to SPDX and focusing on driving adoption. There's a possiblity of his leading a meeting on this topic (phys/virt/hybrid?) in the next couple months.

Cross Functional Issues – Phil

  • Web Site Update
    • Jack has been leading a debug effort.
    • Much work got done at LinuxCon fixing bad links, wrong pages, etc and it's substantially cleaned up. That work will continue over the next couple weeks.
    • In parallel, the team leads are working on standardizing the different team sections
    • Linux Foundation has offered (and we will likely accept) to have their contractor re-implement the website on a firmer, more modern foundation. Work would begin in mid-October. MartinM is working with the rest of the web team to understand stability/recoverability implications. Expections are that this will be a great step forward on all dimensions.


  • Phil Odence, Black Duck
  • Michael Herzog, nexB
  • Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
  • Jack Manbeck, Texas Instruments
  • Ibrahim Haddad, Linux Foundation
  • Jason Buttura, Cisco
  • Steve Cropper, Cisco
  • Scott Lamons, HP
  • Brandon Robinson, Cisco
  • Tom Incorvia, Microfocus
  • Kamyar Emami, Protecode
  • Adam Cohn, Cisco
  • Pierre Lapointe, nexB