General Meeting/Minutes/2012-01-12

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  • Kim Weins
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Michael Herzog
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Mark Gisi
  • Brandon Robinson
  • Steve Cropper

Legal Update from Jilayne

  • Talked about Legal To-Do's
  • Legal team is working on templatizing -- they have a draft of guidelines. There are some outstanding issues
  • Need to get going on the license approval process. Biz team is owning the process but legal will be participants as well.
  • Jilayne and Adam finalized the last edits on the preamble for the data license. Kim to send to community people for feedback
  • Mark Gisi has updated "rationale doc" that explains why we selected data license. That doc is not yet on website, but Mark to upload

Tech Team Update from Gary

  • Work of tech team is focused on the 1.1 spec.
  • They did a review of the draft 1.1 spec and there were a few follow up items.
  • Plan is to resolve those issues and update the RDF and the tools by the end of Q1.
  • 3 new tools are available that
    • Convert between SPDX Tag and RDF format (both ways)
    • Convert from SPDX to HTML
  • 1.1 Features are:
    • Updated data license to CC0
    • Fix typos
    • Fix the verification codes
    • Add tracking of suppliers
  • Tech team is also starting on the hierarchical/embedded design for 2.0.

Biz team update from Kim

  • Website conversion is almost ready to start
    • Web team had a meeting earlier in the week to review the work that is done
    • Steve Cropper to schedule a web training for next week to show people how to convert content
  • Discussed EclipseCon
    • Protecode is taking the lead to organize a BOF
  • Discussed Software Supply Chain Summit idea
    • The idea is to have an in person 1 day meeting in Bay Area
    • Target date is Fri April 6, right after Collab Summit
    • Invite people from companies in the software supply chain -- including non-SPDX participants
    • SPDX people could also invite supplychain partners
    • We want to start to socialize and spread SPDX
    • Agenda would need to be developed, but contect would include SPDX Basics, End User talks, License info, tools as well as discussions
    • Steve Cropper said Cisco may be willing to host. HP may as well.
    • Kim to follow up with LF and let them know.