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SPDX Survey Results

This page contains results on various surveys conducted by SPDX.

May 2013 Survey

This is a summary of the May 2013 Survey. You can view the data by accessing he attached file File:SPDX Survey Results May

  • Around 100 responses.
  • Punchline was that more than 75% thought it was important/very important to have a standard for exchanging license information.
  • Mostly technical/technical management types responded.
  • Good representation world wide.
  • Good mix of big and small companies.
  • Most of the people responding were NOT SPDX participants. How do we reach them?
  • Should we repeat survey at other events like LinuxCon or the Compliance Summit? Most of the responses we got were from cross posting to other lists and from the LF newsletter.
  • Website and talking with people seem to be the most important ways we are reaching people.
  • Seems to be uncertainty as to when this will be important, even though they believe it will.
  • There is a perceived complexity in this.
  • Next time we do a survey how do we better get the word out.
  • Summary attached to this page for the survey.
  • Should we do a newsletter or forum for people using SPDX?
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