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Pre-requisites - Prior to starting any recruitment into the WG

We need to have in place all the below listed items:

  • Documented governance (Jack: discussion for General meeting)
  • Documented roadmap (Jack will draft milestone roadmap)
  • Documented charter (Team feels new Mission, Vision, Execution page is good enough for now)
  • New presentation for recruiting purposes (Phil working with Ibrahim)
  • Documented on-boarding process allowing companies to both know where they can focus and what resources they need to invest in the WG (TBD)

Team feels starting a recruitment effort without the above being ready, will not lead to desired results.

Proposed Process (not listed in perfect order - this is a proposal)

  • SPDX current participants propose names of companies to invite to join SPDX WG
  • Ibrahim can help locate the right contacts if proposed companies are Linux Foundation members - right contacts are Legal Counsels working on open source, Director/VP open source, compliance officer, etc.
  • Set up a call with company + SPDX Reps + Ibrahim
  • Present SPDX pitch deck to the company (value proposition)
  • Get feedback
  • Keep email discussion ongoing and possibly enlarge the audience at target company
  • Invite company to next F2F or to call depending on interest
  • Keep email discussion ongoing and possibly enlarge the audience at target company
  • Keep contacts at company informed of new developments
  • Setup a F2F if it makes sense
  • Propose an SPDX seminar - deep dive style. We need to develop content for that purpose as part of on-boarding companies.
  • Identify road blocks for joining - work to resolve them (most likely they will come up with other companies as well)

In parallel, we need to have

  • Strong event presence for education and promotion
  • Very usable web site
  • A way to capture interest on the web site (capture who downloads papers or spec for example and reach out to them)
  • 2.0 execution plan - detailed info on what's in 2.0, what needs to be done to get to a release point, etc.