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Business team Meeting Minutes for 24 April 2014


  • Jack Manbeck
  • Mike Dolan
  • Phil Odence
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Pierre Lapointe
  • Mikael Söderberg


  1. Roll Call
  2. Recurring Actions (just get status updates)
    1. Moving SPDX 2.0 Requirements document to main web site – Jack
    2. Publishing of archived license lists on the web site (on hold for Collab Summit)
    3. Publication of License List access document (okay I need a better term) – Gary
    4. Tech report Framework – Mark
    5. Google Summer of Code – Michael, Gary or Matt
  3. Discuss Plans for upcoming LinxCon NA and Europe
  4. SPDX Ecosystem Discussion and Whitepapers


Recurring Actions

We did not go over recurring actions at this meeting.

  • Moving SPDX 2.0 Requirements document to main web site
    • 10 April: SPDX 2.0 requirements is ready to go. Jack to post document on the SPDX web site.
  • Publishing of archived license lists on the web site (on hold for Collab Summit)
    • 10 April: Phil talked with Jilayne at Collab about some options for the license list to track version changes. He is going to follow up with her. Was thinking we could add two new columns to the list. The version of when the license was added and then the version when the license was deprecated (if it ever is).
  • Publication of programtic access to License List access document
    • 10 April: Garys programmatic access to the license list document is ready to go. Look to post on the main web site.
  • Tech report Framework
    • 10 April: At Collab it was agreed to change the name form SPDX tech reports to just SPDX Reports. Looks like the documents are not actually posted on the wiki page yet. Jack to follow up with Mark.
  • Google Summer of Code – Michael, Gary or Matt
    • 10 April: All SPDX submissions were accepted for the Google Code of Summer for SPDX. Each student has an assigned Mentor as well. Discussed whether we should promote this. Phil was going to get together with Matt to do a blog.
  • University Participation Page
    • 10 April: Talked about having a University Page on the wiki for participation. Jack and Matt discussed briefly at Collab and will work to add something. Would link to the page from the main site.
  • Samsung AIRs Contribution
    • 10 April: Discussed Samsung AIRS contribution. Phil is working with the LF and Samsung to put together a press release to announce it.

Linux Collab Summit

Discussed what to do in light of SPDX 2.0 being published at that time. Based on polling in the various teas, not many can make it to LinuxCon Europe. Beyond just the standard press release we discussed the following:

  1. Get a room at LinuxCon NA for a day. Can use for meetings and possibly a BoF.
  2. Talked about doing a hands on session with SPDX tools.
  3. Will look into doing another plug-fest for 2.0 like we did for the previous spec versions.
  4. Get people to submit talks for LinuxCon NSA and Europe. Jacka dn Phil will submit one on SPDX 2.0.

We would like to do something at LinuxCon Europe. Could maybe do a few sessions there. One for newbies and one for more hands on and how to sue it in compliance.

SPDX Ecosystem Discussion and Whitepapers

Would be good to develop a short list of areas we would like to see whitepapers done on. They we could start to recruit people to write them and/or post to the mailing list for volunteers.

  • Mikael offered to do one for Automotive.
  • Jack will look into doing one for Embedded.