Business Team/Minutes/2013-10-03

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  • Jack Manbeck
  • Micheal Herzog
  • Norm Glaude
  • Scott Lamons
  • Phil Odence
  • Pierre Lapointe
  • Mark Gisi
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


  1. None was published


  • Discussed the adoption page and how it would be kept up to date. Should i be individuals or the business team, etc.,. Nothing to keep an individual from doing it. Consensus was to have updates to the adoption page done as a regular agenda item on the business team call.
  • Continued discussion of best practices document which was an agenda item at LinuxCon. A draft outline was started at LinuxCon to describe areas where we could have best practices: see . There was allot of of discussion on this topic.
    • What do we start with? There are bugs in bugzilla that are tagged for a best practice document. Could start there.
    • Who will do it?
    • How do we say something is a best practice?
  • Mark Gisi made a proposal for a process for something to become a best practice. Basically we can not say something is a best practice until it is widely done. Should start with a tech report or some other document that says this is how "we/I do it". At some point that could then be promoted to a best practice. All documents would be on a single subject so they would be concise. Roughly the process is:
    • Someone owns it.
    • They document it
    • Its reviewed by the community
    • Owner publishes it
    • At some point there is community consensus and it is promoted to a best practice.
    • Likely we would publish the documents/best practices on the SPDX site.
  • Mark offered to own a tracking document for these in either a spreadsheet or on the wiki. He will work with Jack on a wiki approach to see if that works. Fall back would be a spreadsheet.


  1. Jilayne to send to Jack license list updates for the collaboration page.
  2. Phil and Jack to add Samsung to the adoption page.
  3. Jack to give Mark a quick wiki tutorial.