Business Team/Minutes/2013-03-07

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  • Jack Manbeck
  • Mrk Gisis
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Phil Odence

Agenda / Notes

We discussed 2013 Priorities for the business team. It was proposed to concentrate on the following:

  1. Gathering input on SPDX
  2. Creation of white papers/guidelines on Consuming and Producing SPDX license information.

Gathering Input on SPDX

It was discussed that we do get feedback on SPDX but have never collected it and turned it into actionable requirements in some cases (e.g. data collected from sessions held at the LF Compliance Summit, etc). It would be good for the business team to become the focal point for collecting this type of feedback, cataloguing it and then passing it on to the appropriate teams to look into. The thinking is that the information would be from anonymous sources (unless otherwise stated). Potential sources of information could be surveys, feedback sessions held at conferences and so forth. It would not be information collected in team meetings. We need an owner to take on cataloguing the information. Gary and Phil volunteered to set up a survey. The thinking is that we could disseminate the survey at the Collaboration Summit (Jack volunteered to make up business size cards to hand out), talk to the LF about disseminating to members and other possible avenues.

Creation of Whitepapers

We discussed the creation of a consumers and producers guide to SPDX. Seems these are sorely missing and would help people better understand SPDX. They could start as white papers and then evolve. It was also discussed whether an umbrella document on the benefits of SPDX to sit over those would be helpful as well. Seems like it. Mark Gisi was going to check on whether he could contribute something to that. Need to find owners for the consumer and producers guide to get them written.

Other Business

In addition to discussing the priorities we talked about having an Educational class on SPDX at the collaboration summit. Mark Gisi took an action to look into creation of a session. Would be slotted for 4:30 on Tuesday at the Summit and a chance for people to come in and learn about SPDX and/or share information on experiences.