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  • Scott Lamons
  • Mark Gisi
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Michael Herzog
  • Jack Manbeck
  • Steve Cropper (joined late)


Agenda topics for today's meeting (if you have others, please chime in)

  • Feedback on Mission/Vision
  • Business team charter
  • Website
  • Updates on FOSS project outreach
  • Linuxcon

Feedback on Mission/Vision

  • No feedback received from version that Phil sent out from the last General Meeting.
  • Avoid words like "driving", "mrd", "requirements", there are different levels of requirements (e.g. high level, functional and non-functional requirements)
  • Keep in mind that SPDX is part of the LF open compliance program -- and we need to dovetail into that -- Michael to reach out to Iberhim.

Business team charter

(Jack and I have had some discussion on this and we want to share this with the team)

  • Promote the adoption of SPDX (e.g. arranging speaking slots and speakers at FOSS events and conferences, outreach to FOSS projects)
  • Note, this is not the sole responsibility of the business team!
  • Foster the development of tools to aid in the creation and management of SPDX documents.
  • Help to drive future versions of the spec -- gather feedback from stakeholders, share with the broader spdx team, help to prioritize the high level requirements.

Michael: What's the output deliverables here?


  • Jack wrapping up some pieces.
  • Need a list of conferences for 12/13 and then do some outreach to find speakers at each for SPDX

Updates on FOSS project outreach

Gary/Jack -- outreach to Eclipse. Creating a template and plug-in for creating SPDX.

  • Michael -- experience with Apache JMeter (hand generated license file was inaccurate)
  • May not be practical to assume that every file has a license. Can't base the system on that assumption. Mark -- that is a goal, best practice -- push the community in that direction.


The following was submitted for the business track...

Title: SPDX Celebrates It's First Birthday: Where have we been and where are we going?

Abstract: The SPDX workgroup, operating under the Linux Foundation, has created the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX), a specification that defines a standard format for communicating the components, copyrights, licenses, and other important facts about a software package. Adoption of SPDX will enable license compliance with minimal cost across the software supply chain and help facilitate further adoption of open source software. SPDX 1.0 was launched a year ago. This panel will include representatives of the SPDX business, technical, and legal working groups and provide an update on the current status of SPDX including the recent release of version 1.1, the current state of adoption, and a view of what's coming in the next release.

This presentation is targeted at all members of the software supply chain from original developers to end users and we welcome your input.

Scott is working on getting SPDX a room at LinuxCon.