Business Team/Minutes/2012-01-05

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  • Phil Odence
  • Chuck Gaudreau
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Kim Weins
  • Mark Gisi
  • Steve Cropper


  • Web site
  • Mark Radcliffe discussions
  • Community outreach
  • Events for 2012

Web site

  • Web team is getting hierarchy in place for new site
  • Most pages are accessible (but not visible)
  • Need to replicate some of that in the sandbox to try out instructions
  • Goal: Get cheat sheet out by General Team 1/12
  • LIkely have a couple weeks to make the changes

Software Supply Chain Compliance and SPDX Meeting

  • New idea for an "end user" focused meeting in the Bay Area to socialize ideas of SPDX
  • Possibly April 5 or 6 in Bay Area, possibly 9-2
  • Stage Setting on OSS Compliance - Mark R
  • The Challenges Today - Discussion
  • SPDX Primer
  • One or two end users talk (Cisco, HP, WindRiver)
  • SPDX Tooling
  • The New OSS Compliance Best Practice - Discusssion

Community Outreach

  • We believe that we have finalized the new data license as CC0 (with a preamble)
  • Jilayne to get preamble onto SPDX website and email Kim
  • Kim to email communities
  • Need to get an update from Michael Herzog on the pitch deck for communities
  • Once both of those are done, we can proceed to setting up meetings

Events for 2012

  • We have a 2012 events page in the Business section where w are tracking potential events to speak
  • We discussed a few upcoming events
    • LF Embedded Linux Conf -- Mark Gisi and Phil Odence will see if they can include SPDX in talks they are submitting.
    • EclipseCon - Mahshad/Chuck are trying to organize BOF at EclipseCon.