Business Team/Minutes/2011-12-08

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  • Scott Lamons
  • Phil Odence
  • Mark Gisi
  • Pierre Lapointe
  • Gary O Neall
  • Kim Weins


  • Web site
  • Community outreach
  • 2012 Goals

Web site

  • Pierre reported that sandbox for new site was up as of yesterday
  • Pierre and Steve will work to rebuild the structure -- goal to finish is Dec 16th
  • We need help to move content over and create content
  • Schedule (tentative pending Pierre and Steve)
    • Dec 16 - Sandbox strcuture completed (Pierre and Steve)
    • Dec 19-Jan 6 Content moved over to sandbox
    • Jan 9 - Cutover to new site
  • Content needed (per the mindmap)
    • We want to assign different people for different part of website. I will create a different doc in Web Refresh section to track volunteers and responsibilities.

Community outreach

  • We believe that we are close to finalizing the new data license as CC0 (with a preamble)
  • Need to get an update from Michael Herzog on the pitch deck for communities
  • Once both of those are done, we can proceed to setting up meetings

2012 Goals

  • We are starting a process of putting together 2012 Goals for SPDX. Each team is creating goals which we will then roll up.
  • Kim created a first pass on goals, and we got feedback and inpiut. The draft of Business Team goals (with feedback) are below
  • Goals for 2012
    • Build out website and necessary content
      • Rollout new website – Q1
      • Infrastructure that’s reliable and recoverable
      • Build additional content as needed
      • Build out metrics – visitors, tool downloads,
    • Outreach to communities
      • Goal: At least 1 major community announcing support
    • Outreach to companies
      • Goal: At least 10 companies adopting SPDX as a standard
    • Implement a License Add process for repo
      • Implement a workflow process for license
  • Tradeshows to Consider
    • LF
      • Android Builder/Embedded – Feb CA
      • Collab Summit – Apr CA
      • Enterprise Summit – May NY
      • LinuxCon Japan – Jun Yokohama
      • LinuxCon NA – Aug San Diego
      • LinuxCon Europe – Nov Barcelona
    • Others?
      • DebConf Jul 2012 Nicaragua
      • OSCON – Jul Portland --
      • ApacheCOn – Nov - Scott Lamons willing to speak
      • EclipseCon – Mar DC
      • FUDCon – Jan VA
    • Share the abstract with others
  • Budget Items
    • Website – Hosting
    • Web Design/Development
    • Tradeshows – LF – will LF subsidize?
    • Tradeshows – Other?