Business Team/Minutes/2011-09-01

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  • Michael Herzog
  • Phil Odence
  • Kirsten Newcomer
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Cropper
  • Scott Lamons


  • Web site content
    • Mapping of old site to new site is 90% complete
    • Content is 60-70% complete
    • Steve and Martin have a plan for how to migrate sandbox to live
    • We need to add some more content.
    • Team will set cutover date and notify people of it
  • Process to add licenses to list
    • Fedora has an additional couple of hundred licenses
    • Need to work with Spot Calloway to add these
    • Jilayne had carl with Tom Incorvia and Carl from OSI re Python and other issues to align list
      • OSI has board meeting Sept 15th -- may have some updates
    • Need to make sure that the licenses aren't variations that will be covered by templatizing
    • Jilayne to work with spot to do their list en masse
  • Reach out to key communities
    • Need to reach out to key communities to engage them
    • Communities have said they want tooling to create the SPDX file and gather the info
      • Some communities have standardized way to do license info and just want to transform it to SPDX
        • They may just need a toolkit
      • Other communities haven't done this at all and you need a product to get it from start
    • Need to define requirements by getting feeback from communites
      • Ask technical team for some ideas about approaches
      • Ask the communities what requirements they want for toolkit or tools
      • Talk to them about process and what we are looking for
    • Use the requirements to refine the tools requirements
    • To Do
      • Create deck to present to communities (15 minutes) - Michael Herzog - shoot for draft Sep 15
      • Have a tech/biz call
      • Reach out and set up meeting to present to few key communities
        • Linux distros - Debian/Fedora +
        • Linux kernel
        • Apache
        • Eclipse
      • 2nd tier -- Source Forge, GitHub
  • FAQs
    • Add to it when we get queries
    • How do we have a quick review cycle