Business Team/Minutes/2011-06-23

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  • Kim Weins
  • Kirsten Newcome
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Phil Koltun
  • Kamal Hassin
  • Scott Lamons
  • Rockett


  • Beta Updates
  • Web Site Review
  • Launch process and activities


  • Beta Sites
    • Antelink - OpenLogic
      • OpenLogic has produced SPDX and Antelink is parsing those files
      • Will have formal feedback and report next week
    • Motorola - TI
      • Working on pursuing the exchange between Motorola and TI.
    • WindRiver - HP
      • Got the time package a week or two ago
        • Biggest issue was per file copyright info
        • Field is required but some people might not have data - could be manual effort
        • Maybe the copyright field shouldn't be required
      • Just got zlib - 200+ files - Scott is converting that to ss
        • Mark and Scott to review
      • Going to do a BusyBox package next
    • Kim to create a place where we can hold Beta feedback
    • Shoot for Jul 7 as "beta feedback" during normal business meeting - Kim to alert other teams
  • Web Site Redesign
    • Meeting last week
    • Used FreeMind to outline flow
    • Two different proposals created
    • Need to merge those -- schedule for next week (Wed)
    • Then Review that proposal with larger group at extended bus team meeting on Jul 7
  • Launch
    • Kim is reaching out to LF to talk about PR and Launch
    • Press release -- we will want quotes from community, beta site, LF, (maybe Eben?)
    • Reviewed punch list for 1.0 Launch
      • Beta review - Jul 7
      • PR/Launch plan
      • Press release development and quotes
      • Community outreach
      • Web site refresh - structure and content
      • FAQs/Docs
      • Launch presos