Business Team/Minutes/2011-03-03

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  • Kim Weins
  • Phil Odence
  • Kate Stewart
  • Gary O'Neall
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Scott Lamons
  • Michael Herzog
  • Phil Koltun
  • Kirsten Newcomer

Process for Adding New Standard Licenses.

We did not finish discussion, so will continue at next meeting. Notes so far are below.

  • Anyone can request license to be added through a web form (possibly Bugzilla).
  • Information
    • Person Name
    • Email
    • Organization - community/company
    • License name
    • Actual license text
    • URL for where they found license text
    • Comments -- why they want it
    • Example(s) of open source packages/files that use it
    • Why they want it -- is it their own license or is it something they have encountered in audits
    • Is it going thru OSI approval?
    • Other notes or we need to know
  • Process
    • First validation/vetting for complete/correct info - contact person who submitted it
    • Decision making by group
      • Allow comments in a timeline
      • Start with an open ended time
      • Have business team make decision initially until we see what the volume is
        • Shoot for doing this first year unless it's getting out of hand
      • Way to batch it - handle at biz team meetings
      • Can have some where we decide to "defer" for now.
      • Business team will decide -- likely based on majority vote for people that attended the meeting (at least 5 people and 1 legal)
      • Publish the ones we will vote on 2 weeks in advance to full list. Discussion/comments on biz list.
        • Set up a separate wiki page to keep the list tracked of what we are voting on when
    • Later -- Have a more formal committee that makes a decision - 5-7 people
      • Should have 2 legal spots on community
      • Might want at least one community spot
      • Nominations (including self nominations) make clear the requirements
      • Way to adjust if someone is not participating
    • Assignment of standard name
    • Data entered into repo and templatizing is done
    • Review/QA of the data in the repo
  • Suggested Criteria
    • Center of gravity is OSS license but will consider freeware or other licenses that are widely encountered. For example would consider Sun Binary Licenses. Things that share many/all of OSI attributes - but may have additional requirements
    • Not for purely commercial licenses (ex EULA, or Oracle license)
    • License must be publicly accessible
    • License that is seen across multiple projects or on a heavily used project
    • License that will be popular in future (eg new version of GPL, Apache)
  • Need a statement that we don't necessarily consider all these licenses to be open source - just trying to facilitate a way to refer to them. Check how Fedora does this (talk to Spot)
  • Timeframe
    • Will need to set expectations for turnaround time