Business Team/Minutes/2010-12-09

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  • Beta program
  • User content - didn't get to this
  • Outreach and evangelism - talked a little about this


  • Kim Weins
  • Phil Odence
  • Phil Koltun
  • Tom Incorvia
  • Scott Lamons
  • Mark Radcliffe

Thoughts for Beta Program (for discussion)

Beta program

  • Start with RC1 (Q1 sometime?)
  • Need spec and license list available. PO - asked could we get started with license list incomplete?
  • Ideally 3-5 trading partner pairs (assuming some will not complete it)
  • They agree to designate at least one project where one partner will create an SPDX file and the other partner will receive and review it
  • (they could do this in parallel with a “spreadsheet process”)
  • They provide feedback on what worked, what didn’t, issues, questions
  • SPDX group will provide support – available for ad-hoc and regular calls on technical or other issues
  • Time period – feedback by Jun
  • Want people willing to be quoted in announcement
  • Try to get mix of use cases if possible (ex HP HW supplier and Linux distro, Mobile supply chain, Linux distro/upstream projects, consumer and supplier sides of supply chain)

Where to find people

  • SPDX members - Kim
  • LF Member Council - Talk to Karen C or Rockett
  • ELN - Mark Radcliffe
  • Others we know of

To Dos

  • Brainstorm list – divide and conquer to reach out
  • Write up program info/email to solicit interest – Kim
  • Presentation on beta program - Kim
  • Set up conference call to present further & get organized
  • Put together “beta support team”
  • Need a “beta program manager”
  • Need training/doc/how to for the beta sites (these will be beta docs for final release)
  • Will need a beta email list
  • What do we discuss/do at OSBC (Mark has speaking slot and can mention it, work with Matt to get separate seminar)), LF Collab Summit, ELN
  • Mark R - can talk at qtrly wine dinner and ask

Brainstorm List of possible participants to approach

  • HP - possibly with Motorola and/or distro partner (RH or Suse or Ubuntu) or vmWare - Scott
  • Canonical/Ubuntu (Kate?) - Kim
  • Motorola with other trading partner - Kim
  • Asus - ask Soren about this - Mark R
  • Wind River - Phil O
  • MeeGo within LF - Phil K
  • Qualcomm - Mark R and Phil O
  • Nokia - ask Karen C - Kim
  • Freescale - Kim ask Kate
  • Fedora - Phil O
  • Apache - with one of the distros
  • BT - as an end user - Phil O
  • Alcatel Lucent - Mark R
  • Advocacy groups - to endorse or participate
    • SFLC ( Bradley Kuhn, Karen Sandler - Kim)
    • FSF (Eben) Mark
    • OSI - Mark R
  • Legal people -- Mark Radcliffe, Karen C, Heather Meeker
  • Service provider/tool vendors -- generating spdx or reading spdx
  • Mark Radcliffe - has personal lists