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Email blurb for recruiting beta sites

As you may know, SPDX is a new standard for companies that need to exchange information about the open source licenses included in a software package. SPDX is being developed by dozens of organizations as a working group of the Linux Foundation. This standard will greatly streamline the disparate disclosure processes that exist through the software supply chain.

We Want You

We are looking for a few companies or organizations that would like to participate in the SPDX Beta Program. Beta participants will be asked to use the SPDX spec to exchange information with one of their trading partners (a supplier or a customer/user of their software) and provide feedback on the specification and the process.

You Can Count on Us

The SPDX support team will be helping you through the process – providing you with advice and information and gathering feedback on your experiences.

Be an SPDX Star

By participating in the Beta program, you can help further the SPDX initiative – reducing the time and effort involved to understand and analyze software for open source licenses.