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This page describes conventions that should be followed on the SPDX wiki. You can also read the page on getting started.


This wiki uses subpages to provide a hierarchy. For example, the minutes for the business team are located under Business Team/Minutes.

When you add a new page, please make sure to use the correct hierarchy. If you want to create a new business related page, choose Business Team/name of page If you'd like to add new business minutes, add them as Business Team/Minutes/YYYY-MM-DD


We use categories to organize pages. You should add one of these categories at the bottom of each new page:

  • [[Category:Business]]
  • [[Category:General]]
  • [[Category:Legal]]
  • [[Category:Technical]]

Adding minutes

The list of minutes is updated automatically but this requires minutes to be added in the right location. Please use XXX Team/Minutes/YYYY-MM-DD for new minutes.

Additionally, minutes should have the category [[Category:Minutes]] in addition to the category defining the subject area.


Make sure not to use a heading starting with = as this reserved for the title of the page. Headings should start with ==. See the MediaWiki wiki syntax page for more information.

Commenting on pages

If you'd like to comment on pages, please click on "discussion" on the top of a page.