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The following table lists the curret issues/improvments that need to be made to the SPDX website following our conversion thiis past month from the old site to the new one.

The list was intiially populated by Jack Manbeck but feel free to add to or modify the contents. Note: I found it a little challenging to add a table to the wiki and to be able to format it. I ended up restorting to HTML. This may make it challangeing for some to add items. If thats the case, please feel free to post to the list and I can make the appopriate changes or add a line after the table stating who you are and what your feedback is.

The Assigned To and Status fields will be taken care of by the web revamp team.




Assigned To



I noticed that the link on the home page for spdx-tech lower right under roles and responsibilities goes to a basically empty page ( . I’m not sure if the page just needs to be filled in or if it should link to



Raise up SPDX License List on the menu hierarchy



SPDX Tech Page Comments

  • Add Bug Tracking page. Seperate for spec and tools. Have anonymous qeuries.
  • Need a page added for the current spec so we can park the use case indfo. Maybe move to the spec area?

Tech team Review


Under it says: "This site is the home for everything SPDX and is the workspace for SPDX Groups." I think this should be rephrased to: "This site is the home for everything SPDX and is the workspace for the SPDX sub-groups (Legal, Technical and Business)." On that same page, sometimes we call it "SPDX Standard" and then "SPDX Specification". Are these used interchangeably? It's unclear.



I think this paragraph can use some rephrasing: Original: "The SPDX specification is developed by the SPDX workgroup, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation. The grass-roots effort includes representatives from more than 20 organizations—software, systems and tool vendors, foundations and systems integrators—all committed to creating a standard for software package data exchange formats." Suggested: "The SPDX project is hosted at the Linux Foundation that provides a neutral environment for collaboration. The SPDX standard is developed by the participants of the project which include representatives from more than 20 organizations—software, systems and tool vendors, open source foundations and systems integrators. The SPDX participants are committed to creating a standard for software package data exchange formats."



Term-wise: SPDX is a Working Group of the Linux Foundation. It's Technical, Business and Legal teams are considered sub-groups. This needs to be updated through out the pages. For instance, the blue box "PARTICIPATE - Join a Working Group" need to be changed to something like "PARTICIPATE - Join a Task Force" or "PARTICIPATE - Join a Working Sub-Group" or something of that sort. (Update) I later read also that these are called teams. This needs to be updated to be consistent.



Under you jump to this page from:



The background is repetitive from the first landing page and thats fine. I think there is no need to force new page jump again for the user to see new content. I suggest moving the text from History and "Vision, Strategy and Execution" to Currently they have their own URLs.



Under Aesthetics aside, is it possible to provide a 1-2 lines description of what the paper, webinar and spec are? For an example, visit and scroll towards the end where we feature the SPDX paper.

The SPDX video is hosted on BlackDuck site. I think this should live under You can get a youtube or vimeo account for spdx and host videos there and embed them on the site.

If I click on "Read the Spec" blue box I get transfered to This is not a tutorial. On that new URL, there is also a mention of License List. For new reader, this is first mention. I think you may need some basic description. It feel that the site keeps throwing users from one page to another.




How to participate?

I think this pages requires an overhall in terms of reorganizing the material,

1) I could not find anything at all about the project governance. How decisions are made? by whom? who drives the project? how roadmap items get decided? who does the work? is participation tied to providing resources? how to become a chair in a sub-workgroup? how to be a chair of SPDX? etc etc.

2) Participation seems to be treated differently than Contributing. This is related to item 1) above - governance.

3) It feels as if this is treated as an open source project. I may be wrong. However, in all of the similar efforts I participated in for the past 12 years (at OSDL and other efforts at the LF), a standard similar to SPDX has usually two branches: the specs itself driven by committed companies who want to move the standard and get it adopted and use it, and the reference implementation which is open to anyone and everyone to participate in. Is this something you considered?

4) Also under this page, it mentions the 3 sub-groups with links to the page of each of them. The pages for all 3 sub-groups are formatted in a different way with different set of info presented. (Update) Later on I discovered new pages that discuss what the teams do (totally random). and and



Lots of empty pages. As examples, Roles and Responsibilities" page is empty:, Archive Specifications" page ie empty
"White Papers" page is empty
"Working Group Roster" page is empty
"SPDX Users" page is empty



I am not sure if I covered all pages.. In any case, generally speaking, the site needs updates on its:
- Structure / Brows-ability / Usability
- Updating text / content
- Updating menu items
- Consistency in terminology
- Removing dead pages and consolidating existing pages
- Formatting text on pages
- Page divisions and linkages between pages
- Governance information is either absent or I could not find it
- Roadmap information is either absent or I could not find it ( Priorities page is empty


13 The Collateral material here need to be cleaned up and a final version published (incl new pdf file):
What's "Email blurb for recruiting beta sites" at the top of that page?
Another collateral page: - maybe merge with
14 Are the contacts still valid? Ibrahim
15 Add self subsubscribing pages for membership Jack
16 Workgroups are posting meeting info on their main page and under the menu item for meeting calnedar and access. Propose to only put under the meeting calendar and access page. Its a little confusing in two places and often the text is not the same. Jack
17 Add new mission and vision to the site Jack
18 Add links to tools that support SPDX (perhaps on the tools page that is empty?) Jack
19 The Roles and reponsibilities pages are empty. Should move that info from the sub team pages to here. Jack
20 Add an overall meeting calendar for the year and dates for F2F meetings (can link out to wiki for agendas) Jack/Steve
21 We should use generic SPDX email names instead of personal ones on the site for people (people move on, etc). Business Team

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