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Additional feedback on web site

Some additional feedback - I attach a mock up for what the SPDX home page can be. The figure is available from File:Spdx-mockup.png

I suggest to follow the same structure/template used by other WGs where the home page would include:

  • List of participating organizations
  • List of upcoming events
  • Latest blog entry (instead of publishing blog entries on private or companies web site)
  • etc.

Additional content that is needed:

  • "Value Proposition" to various ecosystem players (from silicon vendors all the way up in the chain to end users)
  • Add an "FAQ" section
  • Add a page with a visual "Roadmap" - where roadmap covers spec releases, tools, F2F, event presence, new content release (such as new papers, data sheets, etc)
  • Once governance is set - add a "Governance" page
  • Add section on "Contribution Guidelines"
  • Add section on "Processes" or "How-to" - examples: How to submit feedback or proposals for new features in the specs? How to submit bug fixes, new code for the tools? etc.
  • Add a section on "Participation". Examples include:
    • Contact the lead(s) of the team(s) you want to contribute to, get briefed on current state of affairs, and where help is needed the most.
    • Join the mailing lists and participate in the discussions.
    • Attend the calls as scheduled by the various teams.
    • Submit feedback on the specifications following the process set in place.
    • Submit bug reports/code contributions to the tools following the development process set in place.
    • Submit new use cases, or feedback on existing ones
    • Join SPDX™ track at Linux Foundation conferences.
    • Create content for SPDX™: papers, web site improvements, blogs, etc.
    • Create SPDX™ files for your favorite open source projects
  • Add a section for "Users" of SPDX that provides guidance for various users of SPDX that include:
    • Users who generate SPDX™ files for downstream users
    • Users who request SPDX™ files from upstream suppliers
    • User who know how to use, update and maintain an SPDX file that comes in, and who passes that SPDX downstream
  • Guidance to "Users" can come in different forms - such as:
    • Documentation: How-to style to educate uses about using SPDX™ and also proper ways to submit feedback & questions or even request help for complex cases that the SPDX™ specs may have not covered yet.
    • Users 1-day Forum: Parallel to other SPDX™ or Linux Foundation events. The focus of such a forum is to provide tutorial style presentations on using SPDX™.
    • Hosted SPDX™ seminars: These seminars could be hosted at companies that are on their way to or have already adopted SPDX™ and they need to educate their (compliance) teams.
  • A section for "Developers", discussing as a developer what you need to be doing in your project:
    • If you are an open source developer
    • If you are a maintainer of an open source project
    • If you are acorporate developers working on proprietary code that will be open sourced
    • etc.
  • Providing information on release methodology
  • Etc.

-- Submitted by ibrahimhaddad on Tue, 2012-08-14 22:26.