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This page outlines participation by universities and students around SPDX. Support for these projects has been provided by the National Science Foundation, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, The Linux Foundation, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Google, and the entire SPDX community.

Google Summer of Code

GSOC 2014

For the first time, the Linux Foundation’s SPDX Workgroup participated in the 2014 Google Summer of Code internship program. The goal was to engage students in open source projects, learn a bit about open source compliance, and meet open source community members. We had excellent engagement in our first year, with a total of four projects accepted from three different universities. These projects helped advance SPDX by connecting the specification with open source programming languages and open source license scanners. They helped move SPDX into communities that can aid and benefit from the distribution of open compliance practices. Specific projects, and the students who worked on them include:

Python SPDX Parser Library - Ahmed Hisham Ismail at the German University in Cairo

GO SPDX Parser Library - Vlad Velici at the University of Southampton

SPDX Merge Tool - Alex Ling at the University of Nebraska Omaha

FOSSology+SPDX Tooling - Zachary McFarland at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

We would like to thank the Linux Foundation, specifically Till Kamppeter, for their support in the SPDX Google Summer of Code projects. We would also like to thank Google for providing the opportunity for university students to engage in these amazing projects.

Conference Participation

LinuxCon, Linux Collaboration Summit, and the Linux Open Compliance Summit

Since 2012, students have been active participants at LinuxCon, the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, and the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Summit. Their participation has included the introduction of students to open source communities, the presentation of university open compliance tooling projects, and the advancement of the SPDX standard with fellow community members.