Technical Team/Minutes/2013-04-16

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Agenda for Technical Team meeting at Linux Collab 4/16


  • Gary O'Neall (Source Auditor)
  • Jack Manbeck (TI)
  • Kate Stewart (Linaro)
  • Dennis Clark (NexB)
  • Kirsten Newcomer (Blackduck)
  • Liang Cao (UNO)
  • Martin Michelmayer (HP)
  • Daniel German (UVic)
  • Norman Glaude (protecode)
  • Beth "Pidge" Flanagan (intel/yocto)
  • Michael Neuling (NexB)
  • Daniel Coley (Juniper)
  • Brandon (Cisco)


  • Best Practices/Usage of SPEC document
    • get to outline and see who's interest in participaing in filling it in.
  • SPDX 2.0 planning
    • Review straw man model - Gary
    • Instance diagram review? - Jack/Bill
    • Distribution of packages use case
      • will straw man handle? - cross check with Yocto
      • reasonable abstraction of elements - consistent
    • Other key use cases want to cross check?


Reviewed Proposed Merged model.

  • Current model:
  • Decision to merge Document and Element.
  • Decision to consider Document, Package, File, Snippet as sub classes of Elements.
  • Snippets: byte ranges as sub class of Element. Multiple elements, overlap range.
    • Not required, but permit and support, as sub case of elements.
    • File is 0..#(EOF byte).
    • snippet is only valid if it has a relationship to a file. "is part of".

SPDX Element

  • relationship: see Relationship Enumeration (w/Verification code of other element)
  • usage : see Element Usage Enumeration
  • license: see Licence classe
  • verification code
  • comment (by creator) 0:1
  • annotation (by reviewer) 0:* - text, property of reviewer
  • sub classes:
    • Document:
    • Package:
    • File:
    • Snippet:


  • property of a Document.
  • comments are reflected as annotation

Relationship Enumeration

  • "is part of"
  • "contains"
  • "generated from"
  • "generates"
  • "is same as" -- snippet discussion
  • "modifies"
  • "modified by"
  • "revision of" -- may want to evolove reviewer, document, code, auditor, intent of modifier....

?? how represent a revision of an SPDX file? provenance, adjustments?? derived from.

Element Usage Enumeration

  • source
  • executable
  • dynamic library
  • static library
  • data files (image, audio, visuals, etc.)
  • test (data, frameworks)
  • build tools
  • documentation (man, README, SPDX, DEP5, etc.)
  • reference implementation

WORKFLOW is a 3.1 issue.