Legal Team/Minutes/2020-03-12

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  • Mark Atwood
  • VM Brasseur
  • John Horan
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Matija Suklje
  • Steve Winslow


Reviewed update to license inclusion principles in PR 985

Discussed inclusion of references to “binary-only” exclusion re: software vs. media content and data; revised language to clarify meaning of exclusion, also to add language to clarify that this isn’t about the files under the license, but about the license itself.

Suggest including a side FAQ doc that can evolve over time, for clarifications that don’t require fully reopening the principles. For e.g. drive-by submissions, can then point people to the docs specifically and then be able to close the issue.

Discussed wording of next-to-last bullet point on “source available” licenses

Discussed adding Definition of Free Cultural Works to list of baseline definitions

Participants will continue commenting on open issues. Anything new coming in won’t get into 3.9, which will likely be delayed by a month to accommodate new additions under the updated inclusion principles after they go live.

W3C licenses – only a few are currently on the list, but more are in real-world use. Matija will locate actually-used W3C licenses and start submitting issues to add them.