Legal Team/Minutes/2019-11-14

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  • John Horan
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Steve Winslow


Jilayne is reviewing and gathering thoughts from prior discussions on updates to the license inclusion guidelines.

Discussed follow-up from joint legal/tech team call, potentially changes to names for fields + separate profiles proposed for 3.0:

Discussed request to change from CC0 as mandatory data license. Jilayne reaching out to Karen Copenhaver re: what were the things we were trying to avoid originally. Are the earlier concerns still applicable / relevant today? Separately, send a request back to tech team: what are the proposed alternatives? and/or, can they explain why they need something different? Want to spell out:

  1. what the old concerns were
  2. are they still relevant?
  3. what are the concerns from the requestors now?

Steve to do 3.8 issue list review and cleanup, picking up XML where possible. Steve will also send out 2020 invite update, change to Jan. 9 and thereafter; and note dates

Upcoming goals include:

  • new license inclusion guidelines
  • rewrite of overview text on website in connection with that