Legal Team/Minutes/2019-10-17

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  • Alan Tse
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Jim Vitrano
  • John Horan
  • Mike Dolan
  • Paul Madick
  • Steve Winslow


Steve will run the release process for 3.7 to go live shortly.

Most of the discussion focused on the ongoing considerations for updating the license inclusion guidelines, including discussion of the following:

  • must be stable text – is there an exception?
  • if OSI approved, it gets added to the list
  • if not open source-ish, at least needs to be source available – and other factors will apply more strongly
  • if not OSI-approved or FSF-libre, or one of the others – if the license does not, then it MUST be source-available and other factors will be weighed more heavily
    • philosophical reason: if OSI, FSF, etc. approved it, then they’ve already gone through a process to know who the steward is, etc.
    • if not OSI etc., then go back with questions such as: who is steward? do they commit to stable and versioned license texts? will they engage with the process?
    • drive-by submissions with no engagement, we close the issue