Legal Team/Minutes/2019-05-16

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  • Brad Edmondson
  • Steve Winslow
  • John Horan
  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


1) Update on GSoC - maybe next call have Gary update us on which projects are going forward and what relates to SPDX License List or relevant tools

2) Revising the Overview page and other DOCS

  • Moved field descriptions to markdown page in Github DOCS directory. Also removed references to this in CONTRIBUTING as the fields definitions are now in pop-ups in the SPDX license submission online tool.
    • agreed to add links to FSF free page and OSI-approved page in Fields description
    • reminder to submit issue to also update to tool pop-ups for links (or any changes) so they are same
    • add is FSF free? question to license submission tool as well
  • license inclusion principles part of overview page also moved to markdown page in Github DOCS
    • need to add link to open data definition and FSF 4 freedoms
    • may also want to add a note that any license approved by the orgs listed would be appropriate for inclusion on SPDX License List
    • re-write background principles and include comment about past decisions and usefulness of SPDX License list (mark’s point from last call) - but move to end. maybe include here some examples of "exceptions"
    • consider adding list of negative factors - things we would not put on based on examples of past rejections
  • Overview page currently has 3 parts: definition at top (used on other pages as well); license inclusion principles; fields: license inclusion principles and fields now on own md page in Github - what about the ‘what is the SPDX License List’ part? Jilayne made a stab at a re-write, which could also be part of web "redesign" - for now, putting in separate Github page for review, see:
    • all on call thought this was good
    • if this was to be used at top of license list main page, need to ask Gary about whether license list tool can pull text from Github repo
  • what to do with Overview HTML page and planning?
    • get info pulled into Github, and some amount of review, then reduce overview page to bullets of “this has been moved” and links to that info - aim to do this by next call or so
    • need to point people on mailing list to these pages/work, as some people are not following Github repo closely
    • then consider what to do with links to Overview page (including on License List page)
  • readme in DOCS needs to be updated accordingly to above changes