Legal Team/Minutes/2018-10-18

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  • Bradlee Edmondson
  • John Horan
  • Dennis Clark
  • Steve Winslow
  • Bradley Kuhn


1) 3.3 final PRs to merge before release:

  • license for source files associated with SPDX License List - changed to CC0-1.0 - no further comments, done
  • CUA-OPL-1.0 is now officially noted as retired in OSI - updated notes section in SPDX to reflect same
  • OGL-UK-1.0 - Steve is working on fixing, will submit PR
  • FreeRTOS note - add note that exception is old and now released under MIT
    • Jilayne had question as to capitalization of XML filename, does this matter or is it just annoying to her?

2) other discussion

  • In light of license change for FreeRTOS (and that other projects do change license), Bradley raised idea of recording this in such as way that tooling would find this info that it's been relicensed, something like you might get a notification about the change of license
    • all agreed this would be a nice thing to have, but where/how to record? Spec isn't really right place; could we record something in a more machine-readable part of the XML? in license scanning tools?
    • Bradley offered to write up description and then we can engage tech team for further discussion/ideas. see:
  • need to tackle a couple things related to the "exceptions" list, which we have previously discussed changing the description for or even re-naming. Relatedly, there is the Linux Kernel Enforcement Statement and now the GPL Cooperation Commitment, as well as the Google patent grant (and diff versions). It'd be nice to tackle this on a scheduled call so we can try to have all interested parties (as well as via mailing list, of course). Watch for scheduling of that, likely to be Nov 29th meeting