Legal Team/Minutes/2018-05-17

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  • Dennis Clark
  • Gary O’Neall
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Aaron Williamson
  • Brad Edmondson


1) GSoC update:

  • License Submittal project (for submitting a new license: go to URL and enter online form, submit and then that info gets sent to legal team and create a GH issue (but not PR) and create XML file) had follow-up meeting with Galo, Gary, Paul, Brad - everything that was discussed on last legal call will be picked up and included in plans
  • * update general process that issue gets created first; then review; and only if going to add license to list does PR get created.
  • License XML editor project (online tool to enable easier editing on existing license XML files, for those who are not XML savvy, needs better name) - have student assigned, but still working out requirements, hopefully will join for next legal call on May 30th

2) update to Wiki

  • have some “working pages” that need to be archived - where to put them?
    • create Archive page and move them there with explanation (like Decisions page - one of links there need to be moved). add note at top of each page that it's archived/not current, etc.
  • also create resources section on landing page for Fedora page and page with or-later table - consider adding other links to resources on website as well
  • move license under considerations page to Archive and add note that it’s now on Github

3) issues and recent emails

  • Till’s email re: FreeRTOS exception update - will create issue and update file accordingly
  • Google patent grant: add to exception list? this is really an additional grant, but makes sense to add to list b/c of actual use (it is clearly meant to be added on to existing license) and updated explanation language for what is on the "exceptions" list provides some leeway here. We may go back to considering changing the name of the list to something more inclusive/less specific in future, like "License Modifiers" since "exception" does have some specific meaning and usage. but not going to decide that now.
    • ask Philippe if anyone else is using it re: Google and markup
  • WTFPL issue Daniel raised about using * instead of spelling word out
    • word is spelled out in the actual license text which is what matters for matching purposes
    • we did discuss this early on and had made decision to represent it this way - what is need to change now?
    • to new users, does seem like it should be “call it as you see it” and this is off of that, it’s data