Legal Team/Minutes/2018-02-22

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  • Philippe Ombredanne
  • Steve Winslow
  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Paul Madick
  • Bradlee Edmondson
  • Kate Stewart
  • Matija Sulkje
  • Gary O’Neall


1) 3.1 release: as it's already end of Feb, we will just aim for quarterly release (end of March) to enable tidying up a few things. Then aim to get back to quarterly release cycle for 2018

2) update on FSF free/libre field: FSF asking to have field show "is free", "is not free" or blank for not reviewed. Trevor wrote an API, so looking to connect someone at FSF with him to get that implemented. Also need to look at some of the licenses as to whether they "match"

3) OSLS face-to-face: update on who will be there: Steve, Dennis, Philippe, Paul still working on it, Kate. Brad won’t be there, but we’ll look into dial-in. Alexios not making it.

  • topics for face-to-face:
    • use of Github by legal team; nail down process and go through some of issues
    • adding more licenses:
      • Dennis had brought this up a couple calls before generally; also may look at list of license in Linux kernel that do not have SPDX identifier (10-15 approx) - Philippe has a list and will send it. If took an entire Linux distro, could add a lot more.
      • what about licenses that are not “open source” but people have been keeping these lists; way to share? (the old Sun license question)
    • “relaxed” SPDX documents: Philippe has seen examples of this where .spdx is provided, but not valid according to spec, due to some mandatory fields not being provided; info is still useful. This would be conversation for broader group. Brad had suggested levels of compliance with SPDX spec.
  • discussed unwritten guideline that we ensure that all ids are unique and are not re-used even if deprecated - we have done this so far, but not expressed anywhere. Would be good to add it, on Overview page, perhaps?
  • general networking at conference to get more lawyers involved, and particularly women lawyers
  • also may think about communication and explaining relationship and versioning for spec, license list, matching guidelines, tools
  • Philippe brought up ReUse project by FSFE: recommendation of both SPDX identifier and the standard header - which is similar as advice in spec appendix on using identifiers