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  • Luis Villa
  • Dennis Clark
  • Bradlee Edmondson
  • Dennis Clark
  • Paul Madick
  • Jilayne Lovejoy


1) SPDX License List v2.6 - remaining things to tie up before release

  • Bolivia license, which is translation of GPLv3 in Spanish as far as we can tell. Need to reach out to FSF on this one.
    • may not have been a direct translation, may have some provisions specific to Bolivian law
    • FSF has list of unofficial translations - how should SPDX License List deal with that? Need to ask FSF.
    • CC has a port v. translation - this may provide helpful model for us. if “ported” to different jurisdiction, then gets a different identifier; if it’s a translation, it’s the same license
    • more discussion about licenses in different languages (again)
  • Net-SNMP question: we asked tech team to comment, got some discussion, but not really an answer as to the question asked. Discussed some more. Decision: add as one license/stack (which means don’t need to add BSD-3-Clause with extra line re: Sun); the circumstances of this license (stack) is similar to Python, so makes sense to treat in same way.
    • add note saying this is how the license appears in the project (need exact text)
  • W3C: add following same protocol as used for other versions for short identifier and title

2) Goals for 2017:

  • goals for SPDX workgroup as a whole discussed on Jan 5 general call. This list includes those specific to legal team, plus some other smaller legal team goals:
  1. move SPDX License List to being maintained on Github (instead of Git) and use Github issues for tracking requests, etc.
  2. finish the XML conversion
    1. need some help automating that last batch of licenses to convert from someone with some technical skills (Kris or someone else). Issues that are slowing down: hex character encoding (which make it less readable and have ended up eliciting unnecessary bugs/questions), list tags (which may still need to be manual), other automated tasks that were discussed: adding equivalent words, rules for (c) notices, and others?
    2. need add the licenses exceptions for review
    3. Jilayne to connect with Kris, find someone to do technical stuff, update action plan on next call:
    4. Brad asked for continuous integration for accepting new license - to ensure plain text version is converted correctly from XML master
  3. licenses that are not in English:
    1. need a summary, with examples and a description of what implicit policy we’ve been using and then a proposal as to what the policy should be - Paul to start, Luis to review
  4. Google doc for this is here:

3) Open Source Leadership Summit (formerly Collab Summit) -

  • Feb 14-16 at Lake Tahoe, CA
  • who's going?
  • there will be SPDX room available for working meeting on Thursday, Feb 16 - see general mailing list for more discussion on this

Housekeeping note: to ensure anyone who joined the mailing list since last January ,the current meeting invite will be deleted and a new one sent to the mailing list.