Legal Team/Minutes/2016-11-10

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  • Dennis
  • Brad
  • Paul
  • Kate
  • Tom V
  • Jilayne


1) Reviewed Dennis' draft document of process for Github management of license list, here:

  • this will be on either readme or separate contributing page, as appropriate
  • drafted as is using standard issues template already existing in Github; can consider custom issues as option later
  • only team members can create/use labels function
  • added note that Github is not the forum for more general questions
  • do we want people to simply submit a pull request or log issue first for change to matching template? sending a PR would be preferred way to do it but give option to log an issue if not comfortable with doing PR or something that needs discussion - added info about this
  • pull request process - for us, Kris says: keep it simply, accept pull request, don’t merge into master - another set of eyes review changes… (need to learn more here). treat things we do same as what other people do
  • can also link issues and pull requests, this is helpful - e.g. linking issues and pull requests
  • question and clarifictaion as to SPDX gtihub account v. LF account
  • Dennis to clear up comments and suggested changes made on call and send note to mailing list for people to review again

2) update on XML work (and schedule)

  • Kris to add exception to review repo by next call on Dec 8th
  • suggest to add intermediary goal of 10 new reviews in 10 days; since no meeting for 4 weeks, Jilayne to send updates to keep work on people's radar, etc.
  • reviewed action plan items: - will update as to status of these

3) new exception request/business as usual

  • bootloader exception accepted for next release
  • will cover any outstanding license/exceptions not reviewed on Dec 8th call