Legal Team/Minutes/2016-07-07

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  • Jilayne Lovejoy
  • Dennis Clark
  • Brad
  • Sam Ellis
  • Paul Madick
  • Tom Vidal


1) nuclear license discussion for addition to v2.5 release- there are 3 variations and not 2. decided to add all 3

  • add all 3, no templatizing but we recognized that could happen later, hence struggled with naming…
  • note difference and similarity in note field as well original (c) holder to draw out distinctions

2) XML license review - went over some of licenses that people had questions with

  • need someone to look at process and potential changes to existing web pages/explanations that will also need to be updated with new XML format and Github process - define task, determine time frame for this, and assign on next call
  • Gary and Kris not on call, so didn’t discuss deprecated license or license exceptions - next call
  • "has acknowledgement" label - include where the acknowledgement is conditional or a choice, but still has specific text required in that scenario. We will need to include explanation of what the acknowledgment tag means, that the acknowledgement may not be required in all circumstances