Legal Team/Minutes/2016-05-26

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  • Kate
  • Brad
  • Kris
  • Alan
  • Dennis
  • Paul
  • Jilayne


1) Normal business/updates:

3) XML license list review update:

  • it’s going well, let’s keep up the momentum!! approximately 141 done and 173 to go! (plus the license exceptions)
  • “needs legal review” label - many of these are relatively minor and probably relate to the optional tag getting added where it need not be. all on call agreed that if have 3 lawyers agree with the assessment in a comment in Github, then can merge and no need to discuss on a call. Let’s try to clear such items out by next call, so only ones that need discussing remain
  • Kris created a tool to be able to view the XML files to see what it looks like:
    • workflow using this tool: cut and paste XML into the tool to be able to see what it looks like, edit XML as needed, then paste back to Github
  • if you notice issues with nesting list tags: either fix it, if you feel comfortable doing so; otherwise label as bug with a comment as to what the issue is you are seeing; if everything else is fine, then also label as “approved” so Kris will know it’s otherwise good to go once code issue is fixed
  • license exceptions also need to be done in XML format, will follow same format as licenses, probably in a separate directory (same structure on back-end as now)
  • deprecated licenses also need to be dealt with…
    • if we have license content and run matching stuff should get current identifiers (don’t want to get deprecated identifier), thus don’t need template for deprecated files. what we need is to know when someone uses a deprecated identifier, that it means Y in the new identifiers/license expression. could put this in a manifest with list of deprecated licenses and what the new identifier equivalent is
  • we won't realistically get this all done for end of June release, but will plan for Q3 license list release at end of September. Other things to do for such prep:
    • get exceptions into XML and review as well
    • make list of deprecate license equivalency
    • check tooling update for conversions to various formats (Gary has already worked on updating tool to create web pages)
    • move master for license list to be kept on Github (instead of on LF git repo and mirrored to Github). Also need to create workflow for what this will look like - Gary did a first draft of this, but needs to be updated - someone to volunteer to do this update by June 23 call so we can discuss then